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To be masculine or feminine? That is the question...

published14 days ago
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There is a lot of talk about energy at the moment - and rightly so! It might come across as mystical or this 'secret' to life. But in all honesty, there is nothing mystical or 'woo woo' about it. It’s how the world works! Let's delve right in!

A disclaimer here…(and one that you probably already are aware of!!) but I’m not a physicist and what I’m sharing is what I have learned. Feel free to always do your own research and come to your own conclusions - and I highly recommend doing this with most things in life. Not everything you read is true! But having said that, I will NEVER purposely mislead you or tell you something that I know to be untrue! Everything I share is what I genuinely believe and you are free to have your own beliefs! That’s the magic and the power of life!

What is Energy?

To state the bare bones of energy, let’s just consider one single hydrogen atom. (And as you already know, atoms are what make up everything you see in this world.)

An atom is only 0.0000000000004% matter and about 99.9999999999996% empty space. Well, actually, that’s a misconception. That empty space is actually filled with electrons (think energy!) and so when it boils down to it, almost everything is energy!

Sorry to start this email off so scientifically, but it paints a clear picture of why energy is such an important concept/reality in this world.

Now that we see the relevance of energy, let’s go back to talking about it in a way that actually makes sense in our day-to-day lives. I’m not expecting you to all go and become physicists in order for you to be able to use the concept of energy in your life!

For simplicity (as you know simplicity makes my world go round!) today we’ll focus on the concept of feminine and masculine energy. And just to note, these energies have nothing to do with gender. 😉 (I would love to give them new names!)

These are some of the energies which we give out. Depending on how we go about our day, how we act, how we think internally, we can give off masculine and feminine energy. Let's look at the difference between the two.

When we say masculine energy, it can be described or characterised by many things but as a concept, masculine energy is the energy of DOING. It is linked with:

  • taking action
  • being focused
  • logical & analytical
  • being more direct
  • goal-oriented.
  • strength and self-confidence
  • decisive
  • competitive
  • independent

When we talk about feminine energy, again, there are lots of characteristics that go along with it but feminine energy is all about BEING. It is linked with:

  • intuition
  • being fluid
  • being out of the head and more in the body
  • connectedness
  • inspired and inspiring
  • nurturing & supportive
  • empathetic & compassionate
  • in touch with their emotions
  • passionate
  • creative

The masculine and feminine energies are certainly not limited to these elements and these are merely a guide to understanding the difference. So don’t take this list as a definite definition. Always have an open mind. 😉

Knowing what these two different energies are like, it's not easier for you to identify which energy you are more prone to. And this can change in different areas of your life.

Hopefully you can see how we need both masculine and feminine energies. They compliment each other so well and need each other for balance.

Too much masculine and you enter the possibility of being too dominant, having a big ego, becoming aggressive, experiencing anger, resentment and inner conflict.

Too much feminine energy and you might experience a loss of personal power, have weak boundaries, be indecisive and find it hard to set goals for yourself or go after what you truly want.

But what does this have to do with me, you ask?

Well, I want you to think about your life. The things you do. How you spend your time. The states you find yourself in - how you feel.

Most of us have a dominant energy that tends to ‘lead the way’. And at times this can be helpful while at other times it can get in the way or prevent us from having what we want.

Where in your life do you lead with your feminine power?

Where in your life do you lead with your masculine power?

Where in your life could you benefit from embracing more of your masculine energy? (Think about what impact it might have on your life to be more masculine?)

Where in your life could you benefit from embracing more of your feminine power? (Think about what impact it might have on your life to be more feminine?

These are the questions for you to consider this week in order to bring more balance into your life and see more clearly why you might be getting the results that you are getting or not getting the outcomes you want.

Are you letting your masculine energy rule the home and you want control over everything and when you don’t get what you want, you resort to anger and frustration?

Or maybe you’re leading with your feminine energy and as a result are feeling like you have no power and no sense of control but would like more of it?

This is just a simple example of how examining how you use your masculine and feminine energies can help you feel more balanced, more content and feel better all around.

This is especially helpful when it comes to relationships. Are you the dominant one and you would like to let go a little so you can embrace what comes up and be more empathetic and go with the flow? Or are you more feminine but would like more independence or be more direct about what you’re thinking and feeling?

Feel into different areas of your life and see if you can identify the dominant energies and what impact it might have if you allowed in more of the opposite - if that area isn't how you want it to be yet.

And maybe you’ll find areas where you have a great balance between the two and you’ll notice that these areas are the ones that feel pretty good and aren’t causing you any issues.

You don’t need to go put on your hi-vis hat and worker boots to feel masculine or dance around in a frilly dress to feel more feminine. It’s all about the energy and how you carry yourself.

What area of life is most out of balance and could use a little calibration from these two energies?

I’d love to hear any thoughts from you and how you use your masculine and feminine energies.

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