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Do this FIRST every day to feel accomplished!

published7 days ago
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Your time is precious. And based on how you use that time, it can greatly affect how you feel at the end of each day.

And this can have a big impact on how you start the next day as well.

Already, we can see the link between how we use our time and how we feel.

I’m quite guilty of ‘wasting’ my time now and then when I fall out of using the strategies that I know work best. And each time I revert back to my old ways, I can really see the difference. (I usually try to blame the kids or the partner…😉…but I come back to my senses and know it was my responsibility and my doing. Gah!)

So today I want to share with you this one tip that can really shift your entire day.

It’s, as usual, very simple! Because I like simple things that create BIG shifts.

The Order In Which You Do Things Is Important

When it comes to time and getting through your daily goals, it’s important to consider the order in which you do your ‘tasks’ or things that you’re wanting to get through that day.

We often head through the easy and smaller tasks so that we can tick a few things off our list. And I can see the appeal to that. It’s nice to already have a few things done by the time you have your breakfast.

But it can lead you into a trap!

This trap is taking you away from the most important things that you are looking to get accomplished. This can be a lovely hidden form of procrastination. 🙃 We trick ourselves into thinking we are getting things done - when in reality we are actually just avoiding doing ‘the thing’.

So here’s what you can try to do instead.

What's the Most Important Task?

Identify the MOST IMPORTANT thing that you need to get accomplished that day. It might be most important because it’s time-sensitive. Or it might be the most important because it will have the biggest impact on your day. It might be the most important because it holds the most leverage for future outcomes. Or it might be the most important because it’s personally valuable to you.

What have you been meaning to get done for aaaages and keep finding excuses not to do it? That could mean it’s BIG and IMPORTANT and possibly a bit challenging (hence why you've procrastinated on it) or it might mean that if you haven’t tried to get it done, maybe it’s not that important after all. 🙄

Only YOU can know what is truly important and what isn’t.

But once you know what that thing is, try tackling it right away. Do it as your FIRST objective so that even if that is the only thing you get done, you’ve ticked off the BIGGEST and MOST IMPORTANT thing on your list.

And this will help you feel massively accomplished and will take off a big chunk of pressure from your shoulders because you no longer have that big task looming over you.

And I think you will often find that when you have completed the BIG task, you will have a rush of energy, motivation, feeling ‘in the zone’ and can whip through all the other tasks at lightning speed.

So give it a try. See how this shifts your day and see how you feel at the end of the day, knowing the BIG tasks is done!

As always, let me know what you find! I’d love to hear how your time is working FOR you.

Tell Me What You Want To Know

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I focus on clearing out the unnecessary clutter in life - in your mind, how you use your time, in your energy and your space - so there is a whole WORLD of things we could delve into!

Sending you lots of love and keep thriving!

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